Monday, 30 May 2011

Facebook Competitions Can Seriously Damage Your Health

Your social health that is, because unless you're in line with Facebook's (recently updated) Promotional Guidelines your fab, feel good competition could actually result in your beloved page being removed from the site without a single word or warning.

It's hard to take the guidelines seriously given the sheer number of regulation breaches you see on Facebook every single day - but if you own (or worse) administrate a page for a brand, can you really risk logging on to find out that 'this page no longer exists'?

Here's a rough guide to the rules but please do subscribe to the Facebook news feed!

  • You can't run a competition where you have to 'LIKE' a page to enter.
  • You can't run a competition that allows people to enter by checking in at your location, liking a status update, message, photo, video or link.
  • You can't run a competition on your Facebook wall. It HAS to be via a third party app or on another website.
  • You can't notify your competition winners via Facebook AT ALL. No status updates, wall posts, comments or direct messages.
  • You can't ask people to join Facebook to enter a competition.
  • You can't ask people to upload content for a competition (pictures, videos or other content) to your Facebook wall.
  • Run a Facebook competition using a third part app like Wildfire.
  • Ask people to 'Like' you page before entering your competition using a third party app or on another website.
  • Collect contact information and data from your entrants when using a third party app for your competition.
  • Run your competition from your website or blog and promote it via your Facebook wall.
  • Include a disclaimer on your competition app or wherever your comp is hosted stating that your competition is in no way related to Facebook.
  • Disclose to the entrants that they are sharing their data with you and not with Facebook.
  • Ensure that competition entrants aren't staff, sponsors or associates of Facebook.

All competitions should comply with country specific laws and regulations which means that the burden of responsibility is in the hands of the page owner or administrator.... Yes YOU.

Please take time to read through the official guidelines, not knowing is not a valid excuse.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bloggers wanted!

I'm on the hunt for some bloggers from all walks of life but especially those with children (and bumps) of all ages to work with on some exciting campaigns that I have coming up after CyberMummy. If you'd like to be considered please leave your details below (even if you think I already have them as my list is getting a total re vamp) and I'll be in touch soon.

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

British Mummy Bloggers Brilliance in Blogging Awards Winners Announced

For many brands, the ability to tap into the increasingly influential pool of mum bloggers is becoming an essential part of their marketing mix.
2010 saw a huge increase of parent bloggers, due at least in part to the media success achieved through successful brand / blogger collaborations.
Bloggers have raised awareness for important causes, taken up video blogging, used their blogs as launch pads to new careers as begun to work regularly with brands. Campaigns have taken BMB members around the world, blogging live from far-flung places including Cameroon, Orlando, Paris, Bangladesh, Germany and New York as well as putting them in front of celebrities and world leaders who are eager to listen to their views.
Blogs have become more innovative, engaging and addictive as audiences grow and their writers have pushed to set new standards.
 The British Mummy Bloggers network is made up of more than 1900 very talented and very opinionated bloggers. Founded by Susanna Scott in 2008 as a place for parent bloggers to gather and share their ideas and opportunities. During 2010 membership has surged as more and more people get the blogging buzz.
More than 400 blogs were nominated, with 80 blogs making the short list. 4,000 votes were cast to determine the winners. All of the winners demonstrates a wide range of qualities but each of them has pushed the boundaries in their chosen field just that little bit further – which is what makes them the winners.
Fresh Voices 2010

Funniest Post

More Than Just A Mother: How does one dispose of a vibrator?

Runner ups: 
Hot Cross Mum: Dads Are From Mars

Make a Difference Blogger

Mummy Tips  (that's me!)
"What she did to raise awareness about Bangladesh and Save the Children was awe-inspiring" 

"The voice of those married to guys in the military. She highlights the plight of those serving in Afghanistan and the families they must leave behind"

"For mobilising many MANY bloggers to write about and support the Bloggers for Haiti appeal. People from all over the globe jumped on board. From little acorns. . ."

"For her work in Cameroon and with Pampers and Unicef. She never tries too hard, she just writes as who she is"

Most Inspirational Blog

Sleep is for the Weak 
 "She's pure substance and integrity"

Outstanding in Field
More Than Just A Mother "Bitterly sweet and hilarious at the same time, she writes about the "extreme" parenting of raising three children while working full time"

Mocha Beanie Mummy "I find her extremely inspiring because she talks about her struggles so openly and candidly"

The BMB network is made up of more than 1900 very talented and equally opinionated bloggers. Founded by Susanna Scott in 2008 as a place for parent bloggers to gather and share their ideas and opportunities.
Last year she co-founded CyberMummy Conferences, which held the UK’s highly successful blogger conference in the summer of 2010.
Susanna is widely considered as a pioneer and leader in the UK blogging space. She has appeared in The Times, FT, Independent, Technorati, She, Prima Baby and Red Magazine, amongst others. She blogs at

Friday, 8 October 2010

Thank You Nursery Online

Just a quick post ahead of next weeks baby Show for Trade to say a big thank you to Cathy of Nursery Online for the mention in this weeks newsletter.

Clear advice on social media

Social media is a power not to be underestimated. On Monday, Sian To from nursery pr specialists as Clear as PR and founder of CyberMummy Conferences, takes to the stage at the Baby Show for Trade to explain why social media is essential.

Sian, who blogs at, is one of the UK’s foremost mummy bloggers and has just returned from a field trip with Save the Children to Bangladesh and a reporting mission to the UN Summit in New York, where she blogged for ITN, The Guardian and Save the Children.

Unlocking the commercial potential of social media is at midday in the Knowledge Theatre on Monday 11th October at The Baby Show for Trade.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Stokke® Tripp Trapp® wins another award

It's award season in the nursery industry and I've just heard that Tripp Trapp® has been awarded the Gold award in this years Practical Parenting Awards.
Congratulations to everyone at Stokke.
Full category results
GOLD - Stokke® Tripp Trapp®
SILVER - Scandinavian Selection, The no tray highchair
BRONZE - Brother Max, Scoop

Friday, 1 October 2010

Call for pushchair using and potty training parents!

Most of you will know me as @MummyTips on Twitter or from my personal blog This is me in work mode! My clients have lots of exciting projects coming up and I'm looking for bloggers to work with.
If you're interested in hearing more please pop me an email (sian at asclearas dot com) with the following details and I'll add you to my press list.
Twitter id
Blog url
ages of your children


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mummy bloggers head to Bangladesh with Save the Children– the first trip of its kind.

I have been given an amazing opportunity to travel to Bangladesh with Save the Children. Your support is vital to our campaign. Please do stop by my personal blog to follow the events as we attempt to bring our trip back to you on a daily basis.

Friday 13 August 2010

At the beginning of September, Save the Children is taking three of the UK’s best known mummy bloggers to Bangladesh to meet other mums. They will hear women talk of losing their children to illnesses like malaria and pneumonia and find out what measures the country has taken to stop these needless deaths.
The bloggers trip will kick off a campaign to put pressure on the world leaders gathered at the UN Summit in New York to deliver their promises for mums and children around the world. 
As social media swiftly becomes the new face of campaigning for change, the bloggers are hoping to find out and convey through their networks how it can be that almost 9 million children are dying every year before their fifth birthday. Passionate about their work and ready to flex their multimedia skills to campaign for change, the three bloggers will be tweeting, creating video and photo galleries and writing about their experiences live and direct from Bangladesh.
Liz Scarff, Digital media manager at Save the Children who designed this trip said “Real change happens when people come together. There’s been a ripple created by the incredible army of mummy bloggers creating content on the net. This #blogladesh trip is Save the Children taking note and recognising that we are passionate about saving children’s lives, and mummy bloggers can link with that emotionally just by being who they are.”
Scarff continued “We’ve asked Eva, Sian and Josie to come and find out for themselves that motherhood is universal. One mother’s fears and worries for her child can be heard the world over, whether they’re from Bangladesh or Bangor in Wales. The challenge is for these bloggers to tell the story in their own words - real people giving their voices to poor mothers in Bangladesh who don’t get a chance to get their opinions heard.”
Unable to keep the lid on their upcoming trip, the three bloggers have already let rip on twitter and their blogs, reaching 40,000 about #blogladesh in the first morning. And they’re not even on the plane yet!
The challenge set to the bloggers by Save the Children is to keep Nick Clegg in check as he takes the global stage for the first time at a UN Summit in New York during Cameron’s paternity leave. There, World leaders will be looking at child health targets which are all way off track. Watch @mummytips, @porridgebrain and @nixdminx as they do their best to make sure he understands how much we care and that it’s vital he holds world leaders to account.
How can you help?
We need your voice to make as much noise about this as possible. Follow our bloggers on their journey, read their reports, watch their videos and help us to re-tweet their story. Comment on their blogs.  Or write your own blog on #blogladesh to join the campaign and put a badge on your blogs that you can grab from this website.
And if you want to do more, become a campaigner for Save the Children and sign our petition. We’re aiming to collect 100,000 signatures. Ambitious? Yes – but with your help we know we can do it. Go to  to find out more.