Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mummy bloggers head to Bangladesh with Save the Children– the first trip of its kind.

I have been given an amazing opportunity to travel to Bangladesh with Save the Children. Your support is vital to our campaign. Please do stop by my personal blog to follow the events as we attempt to bring our trip back to you on a daily basis.

Friday 13 August 2010

At the beginning of September, Save the Children is taking three of the UK’s best known mummy bloggers to Bangladesh to meet other mums. They will hear women talk of losing their children to illnesses like malaria and pneumonia and find out what measures the country has taken to stop these needless deaths.
The bloggers trip will kick off a campaign to put pressure on the world leaders gathered at the UN Summit in New York to deliver their promises for mums and children around the world. 
As social media swiftly becomes the new face of campaigning for change, the bloggers are hoping to find out and convey through their networks how it can be that almost 9 million children are dying every year before their fifth birthday. Passionate about their work and ready to flex their multimedia skills to campaign for change, the three bloggers will be tweeting, creating video and photo galleries and writing about their experiences live and direct from Bangladesh.
Liz Scarff, Digital media manager at Save the Children who designed this trip said “Real change happens when people come together. There’s been a ripple created by the incredible army of mummy bloggers creating content on the net. This #blogladesh trip is Save the Children taking note and recognising that we are passionate about saving children’s lives, and mummy bloggers can link with that emotionally just by being who they are.”
Scarff continued “We’ve asked Eva, Sian and Josie to come and find out for themselves that motherhood is universal. One mother’s fears and worries for her child can be heard the world over, whether they’re from Bangladesh or Bangor in Wales. The challenge is for these bloggers to tell the story in their own words - real people giving their voices to poor mothers in Bangladesh who don’t get a chance to get their opinions heard.”
Unable to keep the lid on their upcoming trip, the three bloggers have already let rip on twitter and their blogs, reaching 40,000 about #blogladesh in the first morning. And they’re not even on the plane yet!
The challenge set to the bloggers by Save the Children is to keep Nick Clegg in check as he takes the global stage for the first time at a UN Summit in New York during Cameron’s paternity leave. There, World leaders will be looking at child health targets which are all way off track. Watch @mummytips, @porridgebrain and @nixdminx as they do their best to make sure he understands how much we care and that it’s vital he holds world leaders to account.
How can you help?
We need your voice to make as much noise about this as possible. Follow our bloggers on their journey, read their reports, watch their videos and help us to re-tweet their story. Comment on their blogs.  Or write your own blog on #blogladesh to join the campaign and put a badge on your blogs that you can grab from this website.
And if you want to do more, become a campaigner for Save the Children and sign our petition. We’re aiming to collect 100,000 signatures. Ambitious? Yes – but with your help we know we can do it. Go to www.savethechildren.org.uk/en/mummy-bloggers-head-to-bangladesh.htm  to find out more.

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