Friday, 23 July 2010

Selling your Pushchair on Ebay could be a rip off!

Selling your pushchair through Ebay? Does anyone take note of the exorbitant fees until they get paid?

Until now ebay has been the trading destination of choice as parents buy and sell, searching for their ultimate wheeled nirvana. But did you know that a sale of £200 on Ebay, taking payment by Pay Pal, will cost you at least £28.12 in fees?

There are other options. Car boot sales are very popular, with pitches generally costing from £5.00, but you have to get rid of the kids, get up at 5am and sell for way under market value. There's always the local paper, however you jostle for space amongst builders, plumbers and the hundreds of ever popular chat lines. Last resort could be the card on the board in the supermarket, but does anyone actually read these?

There is another option: is a brand new site dedicated to all things pushchair. You can sell your pushchairs for free and search through hundreds of listings of new and used pushchairs before making your next purchase.

Pushchair Trader is packed with news, reviews, features and road tests from brands and retailers right across the UK ensuring that your pushchair knowledge is second to none. All that and regular competitions to win the latest new models to hit the streets. is the essential one stop shop to fuel your pushchair addiction.

Notes on fees for Editors.

For more information about pricing:

Fee examples for this case.
Placement listing Fee = £0.12
Reserve Fee for a £50.00 reserve = £1.00
Fee if pushchair sells for £200.00 =  £20.00

Pay Pal

Fee example in this case.
Fee for £0 - £1500 = 3.4% plus 0.20 pence. Sold for £200 fee = £7.00

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