Tuesday, 1 December 2009

One out.. one in...

Once again it is all go here at as Clear as central! We are saying goodbye to Debra Clare who have been with us for the last year but on the positive side they are being replaced by the totally fabulous The Wean Machine.
We are so excited to be working with them - their product is nothing short of a revolution for the baby feeding category. They have already bagged themselves a run of awards and are now stocked right across the world. Perfect timing for us to work our PR magic we think!
We twisted their arms and made them give us a nice comment to share with our followers....
"Jackson Beazeley and The Wean Machine are delighted to be working with as Clear as - we believe that Sian's knowledge and passion will build upon our fresh and enthusiastic approach to establishing The Wean Machine as a major brand." Tilly Beazeley
We really should take this opportunity to thank Lynda Harding from easidream for introducing us to Tilly - Harrogate here we come!


  1. OMG! great new addition to the family. Been watchinf the wean machine. I think its awesome, and this new mum will be purchasing in th enext month or two xx

  2. You are more than welcome Sian....Tilly is totally awesome and I'm so glad that she has joined the clan! The Wean Machine is THE MUST HAVE product for 2010!! Can't wait for Harrogate, should be a total blast! Do you think we'll survive the full 3 days?!!! Lynda X

  3. Lynda my dear. Between us we have 11 children but as you are the senior (love it) member of the crew you are in charge of Tilly and I. We trust ourselves un to you as long as you promise to keep Oliver a clear and safe distance away!.
    Seriously...you are everything that a PR could ask for in a client (mostly) and thank you for all of the praise and good things that you have said about me.
    Lets take a deep breath for 2010....